Esophageal Dilators

Medovations offers a range of products from our WeightRight® Tungsten-filled and M-Flex® Blue Silicone Bougies to our SafeGuide® Wire Guided Dilators. Pair your SafeGuide® Dilator with our accessories including a Storage Case, Marked Spring Tip Guidewires, Reusable and Disposable Cleaning Brushes, and Disposable Cleaning Adapters.


M-Flex® Blue Bougies

Our tungsten-filled, silicone bougies feature added flexibility that some users prefer. More

WeightRight Bougies

WeightRight® Bougies

Our tungsten-filled bougie mimics the weight and feel of mercury-filled bougies without the concerns of mercury usage and disposal. More

SafeGuide Wire-Guided Dilators

SafeGuide® Wire-Guided Dilators

At times, there is need for greater accuracy. That’s why there’s SafeGuide, a remarkably flexible over the guidewire solution that ensures exact placement of the dilator. More

SafeGuide Guidewire

SafeGuide® Guidewire

The single-piece construction of the SafeGuide Spring Tip Guidewire resists breakage and flexes easily. More

SafeGuide Cleaning Brushes

SafeGuide® Cleaning Brushes

Clearly marked reusable and single-use cleaning brushes. More

SafeGuide Cleaning Adapters

SafeGuide® Cleaning Adapters

Disposable cleaning adapters. More